Annual Landscape & Creative DPI Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended


1st,  Rannoch Moor at Dawn - Tom Swallow, 2nd, Frost Morning Ullswater - Andy Askey, 3rd, White Water - John McNaughton,            

 (HC) New Brighton Lighthouse - Ken Hudson, (HC) Sydney Sunset - Pat Osborne, (C) Shugborough Autumn Scene - Tom Swallow, 

(C) Into the Mist - Tom Swallow, (C) Sailing the Mediterranean - Alex Groom,



1st, Mysterious Moon Ballet? - Pat Osborne, 2nd, Behind Broken Glass - Jez Geach, 3rd, A Foggy Fairytale - Pat Osborne,

(HC) Little Big World - Jez Geach, (HC) Scream - Dave Leighton, (C) The Singapore Flyer - Pat Osborne, (C) Clockwork Orange - Dave Leighton

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