Merit 3 Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended

Colour Print Advanced

1st, Feeling the music - Ken Hudson - 2nd, Autumn Morning - Paul Armstrong, 3rd, Pheobe and Her Friends - Dave Leighton,

(HC) Kabuki Dancer - Dave Leighton, (HC) Waterfall - Tom Swallow, (C) Painterly Rose - Pat Osborne, (C) Dawn Rannoch Moor - Tom Swallow

Colour Print Standard

1st, Three's Company - Shane Wiseman, 2nd, Kestrel - AShane Wiseman, 3rd, Silver and Gold - Irene Mills, (HC) Ruby - Wendy Baugh,

(C) Father and Son - Wendy Baugh. (C) Pretty in Pink - Irene Mills, 


Mono Print Advanced

1st, Girl with the Butterfly Tatoo - Ken Hudson, 2nd, No Place to Go - Tom Swallow, 3rd, Reflections - Jez Geach, (HC) Stranded - Paul Randall,

(HC) Winter at Magpie Mine - Paul Armstrong, (C) Old Russian - Dave Leighton, (C( Bike Trajectory - Pat Osborne

Mono Print Standard

1st, The Pensive Pikeman - Wendy Baugh, 2nd, JSide by Side - Irene Mills, 3rd, Meet Amy...She's Harmless - Wendy Baugh, (HC) From Little - Irene Mills, 

DPI Advanced

1st, Jet Pilot - Dave Leighton, 2nd, The Woods - Tony Davis, 3rd , I'm Watching You - Tony Davis, (HC) Bluetit at Lockerbie - Pat Osborne, (HC) Last Minute Check - Dave Leighton, (HC) Icy Morning on Rannoch Moor - Tom Swallow, (C) What's your diet called - Tom Swallow.

DPI Standard

1st, Eagle Eye - Shane Wiseman, 2nd, SThe Shugar Skull - Wendy Baugh, 3rd, I am the Invisible Man - Wendy Baugh, 4th, Quick Break Before it Gets Busy - Bob Price, 5th, Paper Kite Butterfly - Shane Wiseman 

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