Merit 4 Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended

Colour Print Advanced

1st, Food for Thought - Dave Leighton, 2nd, Into the Mist - Tom Swallow, 3rd, Remembering - Paul Armstrong, 

(HC) Mina at Buxton School - Mike Yates, (HC) Tamar Roxx - Mike Yates, (HC) Orchids and Ice - Pat Osborne, (HC) Padley Gorge - Tom Swallow

(C) Keeping something of myself back - James Bradley, (C) Round the Giant Orange - Paul Armstrong

Colour Print Standard

1st, In a Flap - Shane Wiseman, 2nd, Double Exposure - Shane Wiseman, 3rd, Today is not Washing Day - Wendy Baugh,

(HC) Putting on a Show- Irene Mills, (HC) The Jester - Irene Mills. (C) Dragon Fly at Rest - Wendy Baugh


Mono Print Advanced

1st, Old Woman - Tom Swallow, 2nd, Fag Break - Tom Swallow, 3rd, By Candlelight - Paul Armstrong, (HC) The Brick Maker - David Leighton,

(HC) Lone Tree, Lynn Padarn - David Leighton, (HC) The Odd Couple - Paul Armstrong, (HC) The Race Leader - Mike Yates, (C( Lines - James Bradley,

(C) Sultry Stare - James Bradley, (C) The lady with the Lute - Pat Osborne, (C) Tacked - John McNaughton

Mono Print Standard

1st, The Lion King - Shane Wiseman, 2nd, A Stitch in Time - Irene Mills, 3rd, A Dewy Rose - Wendy Baugh, (HC) Moss and Fungi - Irene Mills, 

(C) Gun Fight - Wendy Baugh

DPI Advanced

1st, All in a Spin - Dave Leighton, 2nd, Flamingo Spat - Pat Osborne, 3rd, Rose in Pink - David Leighton, (HC) Dog Happy - John McNaughton, 

(HC) Foggy Morning Bracebridge - Tom Swallow, (C) Red Hat Nature Park - Mike Yates, (C) Victoria in the Orangery - Mick Yates

DPI Standard

1st, Pretty Damsel - Shane Wiseman, 2nd, Black White & Red- Wendy Baugh, 3rd, Frost - Wendy Baugh, (HC) Dunk the Trunk - Shane Wiseman 

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