Merit 2 Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended

Colour Print Advanced

1st. Emma – Ken Hudson, 2nd. Blue Vogue – Mike Yates, 3rd. Vintage Frames – Steve Mills, (HC) Window in Shadow – John McNaughton, (C) Riding to Finish – John McNaughton, (C) Autumn Foraging – Paul Randal

Mono Print Advanced

1st. Dancing in the light – Ken Hudson, 2nd. Cascading Falls - Paul Randal, 3rd. The Rogue – Paul Armstrong, (HC) Storm Lighting – Steve Mills,

 (C) Llandudno Beach - Tom Swallow, (C) Yes mam its the Queen – Tom Swallow.

Colour Print Standard

1st. Poppie by the Roadside – Wendy Baugh, 2nd. Wind and Field Farms – Shane Wiseman, 3rd. Off the Peg – Irene Mills,

(HC) Are you comfortable – Shane Wiseman, (HC) Octogenarian - Irene Mills (C) Wolf – Wendy Baugh (C) Blooming Beautiful – 

Mono Print Standard

1st. After the Rain – Irene Mills, 2nd. Goicha - Wendy Baugh 3rd. West Door of Lichfield Cathedral – Irene Mills,, (HC) San Francisco – Wendy Baugh,

 (C) Frogmouth - Shane Wiseman. 


DPI Standard 

1st. Dia de Day of the dead – Wendy Baugh, 2nd. Red Start – Shane Wiseman, 3rd. On Point – Bob Price, (HC) The Have It – Wendy Baugh,

(C) (C) , (C) Keep up with me – Shane Wiseman, (C) The tide's gone out – Bob Price

DPI Advanced

1st. Colour Wheel – James Bradley, 2nd. Holly – Ken Hudson, 3rd. Sea Defence – Tony Davis, (HC) Birds of a feather – Pat Osborn,

(C) Kabuki Dancer – David Leighton & (C) Emilijan – David Leighton, 

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