Annual Panel Mono and Mono Prints Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended

Panel Mono Prints

1st,  Romanian Villagers - Tom Swallow, 2nd, A Snapshot into Mitica's Day - Tom Swallow, 3rd, Bringing in the Hay - Tom Swallow,            

 (HC) The Woodland Nymph - Trevor Fisher, (HC) Scream - Ken Hudson, (C) Free Spirit on the Breeze - Ken Hudson, 

(C) Old Boy Racer - Trevor Fisher, 


Mono Prints


1st, A Stich in Time - Irene Mills, 2nd, Intermission - Irene Mills, 3rd, Earls of the Wooden Kind - Wendy Baugh,

(HC) San Fransisco Blues - Wendy Baugh, (C) Side by Side - Irene Mills,



1st, Dancing in the light - Ken Hudson, 2nd, Lottie and her Mam - David Leighton, 3rd, Remembering Doreen - Pat Osborne,

(HC) The Dancer - James Bradley, (HC) Approaching Storm - Steve Mills, (HC) Train Spotting - David Leighton, (C) Mist Rising - Paul Armstrong,

(C) Spare some Change? - Tom Swallow, (C) Hare today, Gone Tomorrow - Shane Wiseman.

Panel Mono Prints

Mono Prints

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