Annual Open and Portrait DPI Competition winners (HC) Highly Commended (C) Commended

Annual Competition Open DPI

1st Andy Askey, Two Condors 2nd Tony Davis, Angel of the North 3rd Tom Swallow, Drama in the mountains

(HC) Ken Hudson, Caught in the rain (HC) Ken Hudson, Grass Tracks Combo (HC) Ken Hudson, It’s only a shower

(HC) Ken Hudson, Take Off (HC) Tom Swallow, Gormley look-alikes (HC) Andy Askey, Long- Tailed Meadow Lark

(HC) Andy Askey, The Milky Way (HC) Tony Davis, Newcastle (HC) Pat Osborne, Night Lights at the Bubbles

(HC) Tony Davis, Stop (HC) David Williams, The Crooked Forest (C) Mike Yates, Fly-Away Dream (C) Phil Gibson, Morning Light

(C) David Williams, Passed their Best (C) Paul Randall, Spray (C) John McNaughton, Waiting.


Portrait DPI

1st Keeping her Style for 60 Years, Pat Osborn. 2nd Paul, Tom Swallow. 3rd Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ken Hudson

HC: Avery English Gentleman, Phil Gibson. HC: Concentration, Tom Swallow. HC: I Jest Ye Not, Pat Osborne

HC: The Headmaster, Tom Swallow. HC: Thinking of You, Ken Hudson. HC: Weary, John McNaughton

C: Ben, Ken Hudson. C: Penny’s Bedtime, Pat Osborne. C: Steam Punk Wench, Paul Randall

C: The Aviator, Ken Hudson. C: Tough Times, Paul Randal

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